Our Ocean is in Trouble! (You already know that, don’t you?)

We’re trying to educate citizens in Dana Point and surrounding cities that our ocean is in danger due to pollution, and much of that pollution can be eliminated if we all keep our streets and sidewalks clean, and avoid unnecessary watering which causes runoff, which in turns ends up in the harbor and our ocean.

Since you are already aware of the problem, you can really help. Please help support the mission of helping clean up our ocean–actually, your ocean–and harbor.

We’re starting with our kids. By educating children about the problem, we can rely on them to help educate their parents and siblings. We believe these problems need a long-term, multigenerational effort.

For only $50 we can teach a 5th grade student about this problem, and teach him or her what to do to solve it. If you can help us with only one scholarship, you will still be making a major contribution to the future of an entire generation of youngsters.

After gaining this valuable educational experience at the Ocean Institute, kids will take their new learning and enthusiasm home to share with family members and neighbors.

We are also eager to promote the installation of Smokers Outposts throughout Dana Point. These outposts will take the place of ugly, inefficient sand ashtrays. Click on Smokers Outposts to see the Landmark bronze cast aluminum model. We need at least seventy-five of these in Dana Point, just to address the major restaurants, fast food outlets and coffee shops. These are the places where people dispose of butts on the ground—only to have them float down the storm drain system to the ocean.

Please give as generously as you can to this worthy cause. Many thanks.

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