Adopt A Classroom

RH Dana Elementary School, Catalina 2010

RH Dana Elementary School, Catalina 2010

We constantly hear about the severe impacts that the budget crisis is having on our children’s education – increased class sizes, reduced number of instructional days and cuts to special programs in the arts and science – all while educational performance measures decline. Many schools can’t even find funds to pay for diesel fuel to bus their students to award winning programs such as those offered by the Ocean Institute let alone pay the program’s tuition cost. Students, many of whom have never before seen the ocean, are being denied outstanding experiences in learning ocean science, the marine environment and maritime history.

We can all help correct this unacceptable situation.

The Ocean Institute has long sponsored the “Adopt-A-Class” program whereby individuals can pay for an entire class – K through 12 – to attend a program at a cost of $2500 to $3000; while many individuals contribute to this successful program, its cost is beyond the means of others who would like to help.

The Dana Point Earth/Ocean Society has just started an effort to allow people to help with Adopt-A-Class by making a contribution as little as $50. The Society will amalgamate all contributions to this special fund and pay for as many classes to attend the Institute’s programs as funds permit.

All the Institute’s programs meet rigorous State Content Standards and they are life-changing for many young people who experience a hands-on discovery of the ocean and the animals that live within it. The students are actively engaged and inspired to study further and some become interested in becoming critically needed scientists and environmental stewards.

Adopt-A-Class was originally designed to serve underprivileged schools, but now most every school needs help. Won’t you help?

To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Earth/Ocean Society’s “Adopt-A-Class” fund send your check to:

Dana Point Earth/Ocean Society
P.O. Box 778
Dana Point, CA 92629-0778

Or save a stamp. Save a tree. Make your donation online using this secure credit card form:

Adopt-A-Class Campaign
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Our kids and their teachers will thank you!