Big Plastic Targets Dana Point

The common sense initiative to ban single use plastic bags in Dana Point is now under attack from the “Big Plastic” conglomerate.

The measure received overwhelming 4-1 support in City Council recently. Now, at the last minute, the American Chemistry Council–the lobbyist group for plastic bag manufacturers–has fired up its political machine and is pressuring our City Council to flip-flop and defeat this important environmental protection act. That 4-1 support for this ban went on the record only one month ago. Nothing significant has changed about the issue since then, except that the Big Plastic lobbyists are trying to hijack our local issue.

Dana Point City Council will be voting on the proposal this Monday at 6pm at City Hall, 33282 Golden Lantern Dana Point, California 92629. We need your voice and your presence.

Please attend this meeting and speak to the council to voice your support for Dana Point.

Please bring friends, relatives, children, neighbors and especially local business owners who are willing to speak about how every environmentally sensitive step we take will IMPROVE our local economy.


dana point earth/ocean society

Make no mistake— Big Plastic is pressuring our City Council in hopes that they ignore our community’s calls for a clean and safe harbor. Big Plastic has spent millions in cities like Seattle, San Francisco and elsewhere to stop local governments from enacting similar bans.

The American Chemistry Council and the plastic bag manufacturers now have Dana Point in their sights. They are calling, writing and possibly donating to political campaigns to entice our City Council to flip-flop. They are a national lobbying group, organized and well funded.

We are local. We are the citizens who have the right to a clean and safe city.

Big Plastic doesn’t live here. Big Plastic doesn’t work here.

Big Plastic doesn’t belong here.




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