California’s Loss

We lost. And so did California.

Yesterday, August 31, the California State Senate voted against AB 1998, the bill that would have banned most plastic bags from many of our supermarkets and other retail outlets. The vote was 21-14 in spite of an estimated $25 million is being wasted every year in California in cleaning up these bags that will take a thousand years or more to disintegrate.

But losing yesterday shouldn’t stop us from trying to clean up our act here in Dana Point.

We all realize how critical Dana Point is to our harbor. Too many plastic bags will find their way down to the sea, our own beautiful harbor. Many cities in California have banned the use of these single-use bags, most of which escape recycling and wind up polluting our streets and beaches to eventually kill much of our ocean wildlife. San Francisco has banned their use. So have Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach and Malibu.

Dana Point hasn’t joined this honor roll yet. Let’s encourage our elected officials now!

Please, right now, phone city hall or write to your city council. Write letters to the Dana Point News and the Dana Point Times. Write to the Orange County Register. Let’s keep the pressure on until we get rid of these damnable bags right here in our City.

Let’s clean up our mess!

Dana Point City Hall – 949-248-3500

Mayor Steven H. Weinberg :
Mayor Pro Tem Scott Schoeffel :
Council Member Lara Anderson :
Council Member Lisa Bartlett :
Council Member Joel Bishop :


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