Current Projects

These are the current projects active in support of our mission. Please consider contributing to any or all of these projects by volunteering or donating other resources to help sustain these important projects.

  • Scholarships
  • Cleanups
  • Smokers Outposts
  • Watersheds


Having completed the course at the Ocean Institute, the youngsters get hands-on learning by taking part in the clean-up program. Each child takes part in the clean-up of the City sidewalks, parkways, hedges, etc, picking up trash and cigarette butts after every class with the Ocean Institute is finished. Students will be given T-shirts to identify themselves as volunteers of the Dana Point Earth/Ocean Society. They will be assigned to groups, and to different clean-up routes in the City of Dana Point. Teachers, parents, and volunteers will be asked to organize and supervise each group of students on each route to ensure the safety of the children.

The significant purpose is to allow students who finish the class to experience first hand what they have just learned.


The Dana Point Earth/Ocean Society arranges scholarships for children who might otherwise miss an opportunity to take part in educational programs related to the Earth/Ocean Society mission.

Largely this means scholarships for the Ocean Institute’s world-class programs.

The Scholarship program focuses on  providing fifth graders with unprecedented learning opportunities. It is our intention to encourage behavioral changes by starting with our youth. The program’s primary goal with these participating groups of children is to allow them to experience and appreciate the importance of taking care of their environment in order to protect and enhance life in the ocean and on the earth.

It is an opportunity for these children:

  • to experience the idea of volunteerism;
  • to increase the sense of community and awareness of their involvement;
  • to learn of responsibility to themselves, to others, and their environment;
  • and most of all to enjoy and appreciate the experience that they will be able to adapt and integrate into their future.

Ultimately, through this small program with potential for greatness, it is our hope and our long term goal that these children will one day make changes that would create positive effects to lives on the earth and in the ocean.

The program demonstrates the Watershed operations, water testing, and influence of foreign matter (litter) in waterways that lead to the ocean. It provides the students with a firm knowledge of the effects of littering. Students will not only enjoyably learn to appreciate the beauty of a cleaner environment, but also become aware of the negative consequences of certain behavior, especially littering.

Smokers Outposts

These Smokers Outposts are easy to clean and maintain. No water or sand. Each one contains a galvanized pail that may be easily emptied when full. Smokers drop their lighted butts into this oxygen deprived container— and that’s it! Neither wind nor rain work against these outposts.

EOS needs private donors to help us get these Landmark outposts in front of every restaurant and coffee shop in town. The earth is not an ashtray; and people finally have a neat place for their butts. After all, part of our work is to maintain a clean environment. You can sponsor one of these outposts. We envision having about 75 of them in Dana Point; we already have twenty-four of the polyethylene version.


“That area of land, a bounded hydrologic system, within which all living things are inextricably linked by their common water course and where, as humans settled, simple logic demanded that they become part of the community.”
– – John Wesley Powell

A watershed is the geographic area draining into a river system, ocean or other body of water through a single outlet and includes the receiving waters. Watersheds are usually bordered, and separated from other watersheds, by mountain ridges or other naturally elevated areas.

There are 13 watersheds in Orange County. EOS will adopt the Salt Creek Watershed as one of its projects. We hope to spawn groups in San Juan Capistrano and further north to assist in the adoption of the San Juan Creek Watershed.

We need to start modestly, however, if we are to do thorough work. It may take years and years to correct this awful situation, but we believe every modest step in the right direction will make it happen sooner.

What you can do?

If you are a golfer, ask your club to install smokers’ outposts on every tee. As you know, this is where the butts are most evident.

When you go to a fast food outlet for takeout, speak with the manager about placing sufficient outposts and trash receptacles throughout the parking lot.

When you dine out, notice the numbers of butts at the entrance. Remember, the old-fashioned containers which use water and sand are messy and ineffectual. Wind and rain can send the butts into the street, and into the ocean.

Remember, you are a vital link between the earth and the ocean. Speak up!

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