Local Retailers Use Less Plastic and Styrofoam

The Dana Point Earth/Ocean Society encourages all local business owners to switch from plastic or styrofoam packaging to biodegradable, eco-friendly alternatives.

That sounds easier than it really is, of course, because if the alternatives cost more than current synthetic products, the switch for small businesses could be not only difficult, but also downright brutal on the bottom line. Plus, finding reliable wholesalers to supply the eco-friendly products is time consuming and requires establishing new vendor accounts and adjusting the daily work flow within these local businesses.

To help provide viable solutions and to reduce the friction of making these green changes in local businesses, the Earth/Ocean Society is planning some programs, expos and outreach events. We are coordinating with the Dana Point City government, the Chamber of Commerce and others to make Dana Point a 100% ocean friendly business community.

Stay tuned for more details on these programs in the coming weeks.


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