RH Dana Elementary Students 2011 Catalina Trip

Once again, a donation from the Dana Point Earth/Ocean Society helped sponsor a weekend trip to Catalina for the 5th graders at R. H. Dana Elementary School.


RH Dana Students on Catalina Island, 2011

Did they enjoy the fun-filled educational experience? Here’s what some of the kids had to say….

“Thank you for donating money to our Catalina island field trip. I enjoyed how to snorkel without drowning.”

“I enjoyed the very good food that they had for us. It was incredible how boats have kitchens in them….”

“What an experience I had despite everyone throwing up including me. We had a great time.”

“I liked looking at the water when we were on the boat because I saw lots of big humongous fish and saw the state fish Garibaldi.”

“I also liked hiking because we went up and down hills and we saw a lot of different plants and ate lemon berries – they were very sour.”

“I enjoyed the part when we went to the isthmus and saw buffalo, trash on a beach and burnt hills.”

“Dissecting the fish and squid was another thing I enjoyed. I found out where the ink comes out of the squid and felt the inside of the squid.”

“I had an awesome time.”


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