Big Plastic Targets Dana Point

The common sense initiative to ban single use plastic bags in Dana Point is now under attack from the “Big Plastic” conglomerate.

The measure received overwhelming 4-1 support in City Council recently. Now, at the last minute, the American Chemistry Council–the lobbyist group for plastic bag manufacturers–has fired up its political machine and is pressuring our City Council to flip-flop and defeat this important environmental protection act. Continue reading

Urgent Action Needed in Dana Point

The Dana Point City Council will discuss the issue of those toxic “single-use plastic bags” — you know, those flimsy, thin plastic bags with handles (also known as nooses to many marine animals) at the top — in Dana Point on Monday, Sept. 26, 2011 at 6pm at City Hall.

We would like to encourage all the Earth/Ocean Society Members to come to that meeting to show support for a proposal to ban those bags in Dana Point. Continue reading

California’s Loss

We lost. And so did California.

Yesterday, August 31, the California State Senate voted against AB 1998, the bill that would have banned most plastic bags from many of our supermarkets and other retail outlets. The vote was 21-14 in spite of an estimated $25 million is being wasted every year in California in cleaning up these bags that will take a thousand years or more to disintegrate.

But losing yesterday shouldn’t stop us from trying to clean up our act here in Dana Point. Continue reading

It’s Time to Clean Up the Mess

We’re making a big mess, Dana Point. Too many of us aren’t getting rid of all the plastic bags and paper bags we get from stores and restaurants. And too many of those bags are winding up in our ocean, polluting the environment and actually killing seals and sea birds and the fish who ingest them.

But there’s something you and I can do about this mess, if we act right now! Continue reading